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Dragon wants to talk about them lovely ladies again!

Okay, I know some people on the net are kinda mad at them. Don't really know why. It could be because of their artwork. It has changed over the years and you can clearly see it. I don't know if it has evolved or just changed right away. You can see it from their earlier works, like RG Veda and The Legend of Chun Hyang, to their latest and newest, like Kobato, Gate 7, and Drug & Drop. And also how people became fans after reading Tsubasa and xxxHOLIC. Some fans would like them to read their earlier works as well. I am more along the lines of if you want to know more or get the whole story of what you just read then read their earlier works. It just makes it easier and it's a lot of fun to find the connections in all their series.

I noticed it when I was reading The Legend of Chun Hyang. I also had Angelic Layer, Tokyo Babylon, and Gate 7. I had them lay-ed out together and saw how different each cover was. Of course they were kinda similar cause they use the same generic layout for the characters but give them different features. Like someone mentioned on a forum that Zima looks like Kurogane but just with sunglasses. How Kobato looks like Sakura from Tsubasa or CCS expect for the hair. There are many more examples but go look for them yourselves! Anyway, when I looked at the cover of Gate 7, I saw how different it was from the other 3 covers. I was like What the hell CLAMP? To me it looks like they got lazy and don't add as much detail as they once did. I saw it also as how they are making their characters look more Asian. Of course I know that the manga drawing style is based off of the Japanese features. And what they considered to be beautiful. And what is common over there. I know that recently, like in the past year, that one of the ladies injured herself, like a sprained wrist or a back problem, and the work load they have is fairly light compared to how many projects they usually work on. During the mangas Tsubasa and xxxHOLIC their artwork was really bony and long, more like spaghetti. There is a term for it but I forgot it. I've heard that they changed it that way so they could work on it more easily.

Regardless of what is true, I will still read the manags these ladies produce. Just as long as they do not change what most or like half the fans believe to be true. That they don't come out and say Sorry guys, but this is the real truth of this character. What you know is so wrong. Or This is what the manga really means. Or This character is really with this character. And this is how they really feel. That they don't correct the fans. Which is a good thing and a bad thing.

Will stop for now. Have to get off and do other stuff. I mean, Dragon wants to read a manga then come back on to read some SMUT!

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