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Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
01 April 2020 @ 12:00 pm
CLAMP- a quartet of beautiful Japanese ladies who make some the worlds greatest manga.

Anybody asks, this is what I'll say. I'd have put down "best" but that is up to the individual to decide.

Right now, TRC is still my favorite. Kurogane fangirl ya'll! I completely support the pairing KuroFai and I just love any and all CLAMP fans ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Once I get good at it, I'll post links to my fanfics here. And my drawings. Before THEY take the internet away.....

Okay. I am not computer savy and the FAQ makes no sense to me. So just go to my tags to find out whatever you want to know. 

Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
28 October 2015 @ 09:06 pm
YAY! My password still works! But I don't think many people care considering they all went to other sites. I mean they still have the LJ account but not posting on it. I still have mine don't know why but I still do. Of course I want to get an account on those other sites but I don't really have any fanfics written down. They are all in my head. Can't seem to put them on paper unless there is a telepathic typewriter that would do wonderful! Of course not.
Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
19 May 2015 @ 11:36 pm
HA! Still have this account but I forgets. I want another account on another site but too lazy. I mean I do want to write fanfics but it like trying to get the words from my brain onto paper does not work well for me. I have ideas of stories and I do add to them but there are all up here, meaning my brain. Then there is what happened on AOA about that one site stealing some authors stories and selling them for a price. LAME! Anyway, still alive.
Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
04 April 2014 @ 10:39 pm
I have no idea what I'm still doing on here. I do read a lot of fanfics that I found on here so that is one reason. But then again I want to go to another site. Of course I can still keep this journal. Just write on my other one. I'm also now on Tumblr. YAY!
Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
20 July 2013 @ 09:29 pm
Okay. I think my email was hacked but I changed the password and wrote down. Will change it again later. But I will keep checking it again. And I do need to change it from yahoo.

Also Tumblr is so sinking. Not gonna abandon ship yet.
Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
08 February 2013 @ 04:11 pm
And I found my password again. I have it written down in a certain notebook and that keeps getting in a pile in which I have to search through all the time. Good thing I have it somewhere otherwise I'll forget all my passwords to all my sites.

But the Chinese New Year is almost here. YAY! And I still need to get a new job. Just feel so down lately. SIGH.

But I just love my fandoms. And I have been thinking of getting accounts on two other sites. But still keep this one. YEP!
Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
29 August 2012 @ 03:16 pm
Yeah, that is SSSSOOOOO how I feel at the moment. Just so many things colliding together and I feel there is not enough time to deal with it. Well, more likely I can't handle it.

One thing, my doggy Shadow, a 12 year old Black Labrador, he got a cut on his mouth and I am so worried about him. I mean I just lost my cat Missy at the beginning of this year so I am very attached to the other pets in the house. Some damn dog cut him. Well that is what we believe cause we see no other evidence to suggest otherwise; plus the vet said it looked like another dog got him. He has a cut that is oozing out puss, the vet said that it's infected, and we have to clean it regular. We are, well more like me and my other sister. And we have another dog too, so we have to separate them but they are litter mates so that is a little hard.

Next is the damn presidential elections. I hate one nominee and the other is.....okay I guess. I just hate the whole presidential election thing. UGH! And I am definitely voting this year. Old enough to and have my voter card. So now I'm on the grid, if you get my drift.

And I want to go back to college. Must go back to get a better job for the future. Do not want to work retail all the time. Want to learn the Japanese language and do something with bookkeeping/accounting.

WHAT ELSE?! The internet is at stake here! I feel like most of the stuff I do now I will not be able to do next year. So I have to do what I can right now. But I just have to give a shit about it more than I do now. MUST NOT BE LAZY!!

See what happens when I think a lot? To much. But I must think for myself cause who else will?

My future is only decided by my hand.
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Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
03 August 2012 @ 07:46 pm

Dragon wants to talk about them lovely ladies again!Collapse )
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Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
03 August 2012 @ 06:45 pm
Been watching it every now and then. I'm kinda rooting for whoever but of course the USA. It was fun for the first week but now it's like why are you still on. Plus I don't like the coverage much. I wanna know other things beside what they decide to show. Plus what happens around there. Just why do people have to accuse others of something. And it's kinda funny to see the one everyone thinks will win a certain event to not win it. HA. Anyway.

Kinda feeling sad, mad, sick, and a lot of others things that I can't find the words for. I'm the only daughter in the house right now. Two of my siblings are staying at the other sisters place until Monday. And the other one is working now. It just feels so odd. In the house it is okay to be silent cause there is usual someone here and you don't necessary have to talk to each other. That's just the way I am but I really do want to change myself. Like let's just go for it!

I also have to get another job. Just have to turn in an application tomorrow cause I go to work in the morning so I can time it to drop it off after work. That way I still look presentable and awake.

Gotta go look at my bookmarks but sometimes I get tired of going on the net. It's like the same thing time after time. But I have a feeling that if I don't read/watch/see it it will be gone. That has happened a lot of times.

And what I just wrote makes no sense. Just a jumble of words to make sentences. My mind is like that right now. Gotta eat something too. Oh yeah now I know why I feel this way. YEAH!
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Dragon Roars "CLAMP!"
11 July 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Yes Bart. We know. But DAMN those people trying to pass those bills or whatever you call them. Europe rejected the ACTA treaty. Good for them but not good for the ones who live in the US. Something is suppose to go into play either on the 12th or the 14th of this month. Not really sure what but too many opinions saying something or other. The thing is no one really knows what the ACTA treaty contains or that new one. Forgot the name. No one is clarifying anything. Just conjectures. And something else is suppose to go into play at the beginning of next year. So many things to worry about cause I do visit some sites that post fanfis, fanart, amvs, and yes people post links. So what happnes to those sites?

Enough about that right now. My sis's B-day is tomorrow. She's gonna be a year older. HEH. Well DUH.

Anything else? Just have to copy my bookmarks in case I can no longer use the computer at home. I can just go to the library. And of course look for a new job. SIGH.

Really there is only 10 sites that I frequent. There are others cause that is the only way to follow some people.
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